Try a Dry Sauna at Allen Deshaun – Aroma Relaxation Spa

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  • Infrared

    The light that is naturally produced by the sun. The far infrared rays penetrate the skin causing you to sweat. During this process you prespire allowing toxins to be eliminated through the skin.


    Soothe pains and aches in muscles and joints.

    Relieve Stress !!!!

    Can facilitate a deeper sleep

    Burns Calories !!!!!!

    Fights common illness

    Regular usage allows increased circulation and oxygenation

    Comfortable Accomodations

    Single person use to maximize the relaxation benefits.

    47″ (width)

    39″ (depth)

    75″ (height)

    7 Carbon Fiber infrared heaters

    – Back, Side, Calf areas to maximze heating area.

    FSC Certified wood (No chemicals added)

    EMF Rating, 2~3mG

    Packages Offered (30 Minute Sessions)

    1 Session      $30.00

    3 Sessions    $78.00

    5 Sessions    $127.00

    10 Sessions  $248.00

    (please note, shower facility unavailable)

    Booking your appointment

    When booking your appointment please allow at least 30 minutes before your arrival to ensure optimal temperature.

    Safe Enjoyment

    – No one under the age of 18 is authorized to use the sauna and individuals over the age of 65 should receive a physician’s consent prior to sauna usage.
    – No one under the influence of alcohol will be permitted in the sauna.
    – Always consult with a physician if you have a medical condition or are on medication to ensure it is safe to use an infrared sauna. As drugs effect on the body can change with exposure to infrared waves or elevated body temperature.
    – Maximum sauna usage time is 30 minutes and temperature should never exceed 140 degrees.
    – Do not use sprays, lotions or oils in the sauna or prior to using the sauna.
    – Please Please Please be fully hydrated prior to and after using the sauna.
    – Other restrictions apply, inquire within. Let’s work together to ensure your overall safety and wellbeing while at Allen Deshaun. dry sauna dry sauna benefits sauna room


    A Specialized Infusion Relaxation Experience

    The idea behind Allen Deshaun is simple in design but complex in concept. We have created a customized experience around the concept of various products of an all natural and organic nature infused with various essential oils, to which all have varying and uniquely amazing effects. Every customer is uniquely different as so the experience should be, truly a customized experience to every customer. Our job is to make your time with Allen Deshaun effortless. The challenge is on our shoulders and lifted off of yours, our goal is to create the best relaxation specific to you in the most seamless way possible. We do stress to every customer that the experience at Allen Deshaun is of a relaxation derived nature. We are not going to treat, fix, or diagnose any medical conditions, nor would we encourage anything that would be detrimental to your current health regimen. Our priority is to help every guest customize an amazing infused relaxation service that would truly help to uplift you and re-energize your overall person. Included in our menu of services is relaxation massage at varying lengths of time, in addition to various aromas and products that can be in added to any service to truly customize your overall relaxation. Our goal is to create a customized infusion experience one product at a time and we look forward to having the opportunity to work with you soon!
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